Facultatea de Ştiinţa și Tehnologia Alimentelor

 Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară Cluj-Napoca

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Lolita Paegle

My decision about going to study outside Latvia borders arose during my undergraduate studies. When several friends who were involved in the Erasmus exchange program returned home and shared their impressions, I realized I would like to use this opportunity myself. 

As far as I am concerned, I can say that I like to face a new challenge, change the environment around me and get an integrated part of the experience. During my undergraduate studies, I went to Italy and Norway, and I have also decided that the Erasmus + program is another great opportunity for me, my university, and it certainly should be used. Choosing the universities and the country to travel to was not so easy. At first, I was inclined to decide for the Netherlands or any other Scandinavian country, but the reception in one of the universities was unsuccessful, so I had to change my mind. Thanks to the Latvian Agricultural University and colleagues in the food science program, I nevertheless chose Romania - The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, in Cluj-Napoca. Although our society's eyes are covered with a thick layer of stereotypes, they did not make me doubt the decision I made, to go there and see it all with my own eyes, which was a new challenge for the next semester.

The study process of the Romanian university was varied and provided different opportunities and professional skills development. Professors were welcoming and offered to participate in the studies initiated by the school. Just a few years ago, the university established the Food Science Institute, with laboratories provided with modern technologies, which I was able to attend and see their work. In some subjects the teacher offered us the possibility to acquire a thorough set of knowledge in the field. I was the only Erasmus student in my program, I held separate subjects individually, studying and discussing the themes approached with professors. This allowed me to enjoy and to understand the studying system with Romanian people. Of course, I want to emphasize and draw attention to students who intend to go to this university that participation in projects and research depend solely on student persistence and interest in the subject.
Everything regarding my mobility period in Romania, the memories will certainly remain of the vivid adventure, both unforgettable memories and rich experience. I lived with other students from Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Turkey, Italy and other countries residing in the hotel and enjoying lots of trips. We were traveling across Romania and its immediate neighbors. After my experience, I can say that the stereotypes about Romania have definitely, in my eyes, disappeared.


For the students who consider participating in the Erasmus program, I certainly suggest to enjoy this opportunity, believe in yourselves and let the adventure come.